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Thank you to all our generous donors for supporting the Milford United Way. Your donations help support a myriad of local partner agencies and United Way programs addressing the needs of Milford’s most vulnerable residents.

This year is particularly difficult for many of our neighbors, nearly a third of whom are having trouble paying for essentials like housing and food. On top of that is the burden of anxiety, guilt, shame, and even depression so many of us are experiencing in these difficult times.

That’s why, this year, the Milford United Way is focusing its annual fundraising campaign on three issues: food insecurity, housing instability and mental health challenges. We are committed to addressing these most pressing needs by creating new programs and funding existing ones — all while supporting our local partner agencies in their excellent work across these and many other vital areas.

Please consider donating to our mission if you haven’t done so already. Together, we can do so much good for so many.